About Discontinued ML CDs

I am offering a bespoke service to order discontinued CDs from the Memory Lane Magazine catalogue.

Each CD is produced on demand and includes jewel case and reproduced artwork a close to the original release as possible.

All CDs come with informative notes, information about the recordings including titles, matrix numbers recording dates and CD text.

Please refer to the lists and details of the available CDs (using the following links)

Sound Restoration Service 

No job too small. I can deliver excellent results from 78rpms, vinyl (LPs, 45rpms), audio cassettes, acetate discs, even from recordings made onto disc from machines in department stores. Voices of departed family members have been brought back to life for delighted relations.


Recordings supplied on CD. Labels and CD Jewel artwork can also be designed and provided/or sleeve notes.


Happy to take new projects and to provide on prices on request.  Contact me using the link below for more information.