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Al Bowlly

For the past ten years, I have remastered Al Bowlly's recordings for release on CD by Memory Lane magazine.
You can order the latest issues from the Memory Lane web site. 
For details use this link.

You can now order discontinued CDs from the Memory Lane catalogue directly from me.

There are a number of web sites with information about Bowlly's life and recordings.

To be a little different, I am featuring a few of the interesting collectibles that never seem to get any coverage: - seven inch, 45rpm records. 10 inch LPs and sheet music.  If you have any additions to those featured below, let me know.

Al Bowlly on Sheet Music Covers
Considering how many recordings Al Bowlly made, he did not appear on many sheet music covers.
Here is a selection which forms the majority of the whole. All date between 1932 and 1936/9.
Al Bowlly on 10 inch LPs and on 7 inch 45 rpms
These issues were released mainly between the mid 1950's and the mid 1960's. The 'This is Ray Nobles' were available as 10 inch LPs and in a set of two 45rpms.  The Al Bowlly Memories set were first issued as 10 inch LPs in Australia.
Al Bowlly Today
April 2011 was the 70th anniversary of Bowlly's death during the London Blitz and Tony Smith of Angel Radio traveled up from Southampton to Blackpool to interview me on many musical subjects including Mr Bowlly. (see below)
Images advertising 70 years without Al Bowlly from Angel Radio
Angel Radio programme list for 24 April 2011
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