Kerrie Biddell

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Kerrie Agnes Biddell

Born February 8, 1947 in Surrey Hills, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Died September 5, 2014 in Sydney.

Kerrie Biddell was Australia's most accomplished musician vocalists.

As far as I know there are no Kerrie web sites. This web page will be a tribute to

her talent and forms a central hub of information about her.


If you knew Kerrie or worked with her and would like to contribute to this page, I will be very pleased to hear from you.

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Discography (Additions are welcomed)


Like a number of Australian artists' most of Kerrie's recordings originally released on vinyl are not yet available in CD format. (The only original CD release were the albums 'There Will Never Be Another You' and 'The Singer.')

The Singer CD cover
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Kerrie Biddell LP cover
John Farnham Uncovered LP cover
Death of a Soldier LP cover
Billy Thorpe Million Dollar Bill
Best of Friends Soundtrack LP cover
Bernard King A Man of Style LP cover
Jimmy Webb Tunesmith double (Parenthesis

Albums (as main or featured artist)

1972 The Exciting Daly-Wilson Big Band featuring Kerrie Biddell (Kerrie sings - 'City Sounds,' 'In Necessity' and 'On My Own'
1973 Paradise - John Sangster (features Kerrie on "Surf's Up at Surfers Paradise" and "Gilltrap's Auto Museum")
1973 Kerrie Biddell (self-titled album)
1975 Only the Beginning (solo album)
1977 Just Arranging - The Tony Ansell Orchestra
1979 Compared to What Featuring Kerrie Biddell
1981 Best of Friends - Original Soundtrack Album
1985 Jazz at the Opera House (live TV soundtrack) - Don Burrows
1986 Death of a Soldier Original Soundtrack (Kerrie sings 'Boys from the USA', 'Dinah' 'Sentimental Dreams' and 'Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy'
1992 There Will Never Be Another You Kerrie Biddell, Julian Lee Trio and Les Crosby
1996 The Singer (CD) (solo album)

Nev Nicholls LP cover

Albums (As Contributor/Backing Vocals)

1972 Motor Club of Sydney 16-10-72 Terry Eldon Big Band
1973 The Lord's Prayer - Sister Janet Mead
1973 Million Dollar Bill - Billy Thorpe
1973 Nickel Queen Soundtrack - Sven Libaek
1975 Marty Rhone
1977 Nev Nicholls -  You've Gotta Have a Beer Mate
1977 A Man of Style - Bernard King
1978 Save the People - Esther King
1978 Blues Licence - Renee Geyer
1979 Traces - Johnny Nicol
1980 Victim in Paradise - Malcolm McCallum
1980 Mark Isaacs - Originals
1981 Tunesmith The Songs of Jimmy Webb (contains 'Parenthesis' from Only the Beginning album)
1981 Trisha Watts with Tony Ansell orchestra - A Touch of Mystery
1989 Uncovered - John Farnham
1999 Still a Gypsy - Toni Lamond
2003 Reflections - Graham Jessie band (features Kerrie on "Silly Galloot")
2007 Careless Hands - June Carey

Mark Isaacs LP cover
Exciting Daly Wilson featuring Kerrie Biddell LP cover
Malcolm McCallum Victim in Paradise LP cover
Marty Rhone LP cover
Paradise John Sangster LP cover
Save The People Esther King LP cover
Renee Geyer Blues License LP cover


1969 Money Can't Buy Me / Sing a Simple Song The Affair (Kerrie's first recording)

1971 Go Anywhere / Look (Every Day) (with Terry Kaff) ['Nickel Queen' motion picture soundtrack]
1972 Hail All Hail / My Boy's Different Kerrie Biddell and Neil Williams
1972 Hail All Hail / Kerrie Biddell and Neil Williams
1973 If I Be Your Lady / Back to California

1974 Together / May It Be Well With You
1975 Sinner Man (Don't Let Him Catch You) / Parenthesis

1975 Scobie Malone
1975 The MLC Song: Tomorrow (EMI Custom)
1981 Sons and Daughters (3/4 Version) / Sons and Daughters (4/4 Version) (TV Theme) Kerrie and Mick Leyton as Kerri

         and Mick.

1981 Here We Go Again   Kerrie and Mick Leyton (Infinity) K-8597

Money Can't Buy Me Love Single Label by The Affair
Sing a Simple Song Label by The Affair
Toni Lamond CD cover
Sister Janet Mead The Lord's Prayer LP cover
Tony Ansell Orchestra Just Arranging LP cover
Trisha Watss A Touch of Mystery LP cover
Sons and Daughters 45rpm label Kerrie and Mick
MLC Song 45rpm label by Kerrie Biddell
Johnny Nicol Traces LP cover

YouTube   Fortunately you can enjoy some of Kerrie's performances on YouTube. Here are a few of my favourites.