My Wants

If you have any of the following of my wants for trade, please contact me

I may have something you want in exchange too.


  • Ephemera on HMV portable gramophones (especially on the model 101)

  • Any ephemera featuring Evelyn Dall - especially related to her 1930's Fan Club. 


See my further wanted items below.


Evelyn Dall Films Wanted Do you have a copy for sale or trade?


  • 'The Wrong Bottle' (1935) A comedy short made by Educational Films starring Tom Howard and George Shelton.

  • 'Sing as You Swing' (1937) (must include the song Let's Dance)


Al Bowlly 78s Wanted (I already have the recordings, just the 78s wanted please!)

1. Edgar Adeler Sleepy Head/ Land of the Might Have Been Sterno 594

2. Percy Chandler Why Couldn't You Piccadilly 789

3. Fred Elizalde After the Sun Kissed the World Goodbye/If Anything Happened to you Metropole1241/Octocross 367

4. Howard Godfrey My Canary Has Circles Under Its Eyes/ Miss Elizabeth Brown Piccadilly 780

5. George Scott-Wood Pale Volga Moon Parlophone R 1469

6. George Scott-Wood  Sweetheart/ Oh Mr Moon Parlophone R1476

7. George Scott-Wood Can't We Meet Again/ Goodnight Waltz Parlophone R 1506

Al Bowlly I am also looking for the following recordings. Any format is acceptable, original 78, CD, tape, etc.

1. Billy Bartholomew Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi DG/POL 21595

2. Al Bowlly All Day Long HOMOCORD 4-2414

3. Al Bowlly I'm Looking For A Bluebird HOMOCORD 4-2414

4. Al Bowlly Sy's Mij Klein Liefe HMV FJ 109

5. Al Bowlly Champagne Waltz PRIVATE RECORDING

6. Al Bowlly Just An Ugly Duckling PRIVATE RECORDING

7. Arthur Briggs I'm Walking On Air DG/POL 21131

8. Arthur Briggs My Regular Girl DG/POL 21131

9. Lew Stone Antoinette FILM SOUNDTRACK

10. Lew Stone Minnie The Moocher AIRCHECK

11. Lew Stone What More Can I Ask? FILM SOUNDTRACK

Kerrie Biddell I am looking for the following 45rpm singles.

1971 Go Anywhere / Look (Every Day) (with Terry Kaff) ['Nickel Queen' motion picture soundtrack]

1981 Here We Go Again   Kerrie and Mick Leyton (Infinity) K-8597

Bea Wain I am looking for a number of Bea's original 78s. 

Gene Kardos

Vocalion 2815 An Earful of Music 

Vocalion 2814 (It Was) Sweet of You 

ARC-6-04-13 West Wind / Wake Up and Sing 

ARC-6-05-121 It’s No Fun / There Isn’t Any Limit to My Love 

GK 05ARC-7-07-02 He’s a Gypsy from Poughkeepsie

GK 06ARC-7-07-10 Our Penthouse on Third Avenue

Mannie Klein 

Brunswick 7606 Hot Spell

Brunswick 7605 I’m in Love

Kay Thompson 

Victor 25564 Carelessly

Victor 255821 It had to be you / Exactly Like You

Artie Shaw

Brunswick 7971 If It’s the Last Thing I Do 

Larry Clinton

Victor 25724; Victor 25740; Victor 25879; Victor 25768; Victor 25775; Victor 25773; Victor 25789; Victor 25849; Victor 25819; 

Victor 25829; Victor 25841; Victor 25897; Victor 26042; Victor 26046; Victor 26073; Victor 26083; Victor 26118; Victor 26174;

Victor 26131; Victor 26137.

Bea Wain (solo)

Several !